Message from Principal

When Secondary 1 students graduate from secondary school and the university 10 years later, what job will they take? A doctor? Lawyer? Engineer? No matter what job it is, teachers and I believe that every student has your strengths and shining points, and you can definitely shine. Here are the three reminders from me while you are preparing for your future work.

Firstly, I hope that everyone has a goal. Life goal is a kind of personal choice. Your experience, adventure, exploration and life are all determined by your goal. The goal can either be long-term or short-term. You can imagine your future job, or even your future life. Goal is the motivation that encourages people to go forward instead of backwards. Even when you feel lost, your goal is your Big Dipper in the dark, which supports you to keep moving ahead. If you maintain a positive mind, you will absolutely lead a fruitful life. On the other hand, a negative mindset may drive you into nihility. Therefore, a goal leads everyone to go forward.

Secondly, I hope that everyone will learn to persevere. Everyone has your own dream. Some dreams may come true, but some may not. The difference is often based on one’s perseverance. You will fail if you give up halfway. On the contrary, if you carry on doing something persistently, there may be a possibility of success. Of course, persistence is only the first step, but whether you have worked hard for your dream is more important. Life is like a marathon. You do not rely on your last-minute strength to win, but constant persistence. In many cases, holding on equals to success. If you do not give up at this moment, there will be hope in the next moment. Please keep in mind that “you will see hope if you persist.”

Last but not least, I hope that everyone learns to be thankful. What brings happiness and the meaning of life? Money? Love? Friendship? Maybe all of them, or maybe not. Yet, I believe that you can live a happier and more meaningful life if you can learn to be grateful. We are deeply thankful to Caritas – Hong Kong and the school for providing a good learning environment for students to learn. We must also thank our teachers, staff, and janitors for taking care of our students all the time. Furthermore, we must express gratitude to the parents for their love and care as well. The future world is changing rapidly. Only if everyone learns to be grateful, your happiness can remain unchanged, despite the everchanging environment. Even though students may face different challenges in the future, as long as you have goals and are willing to persevere, with a grateful heart, you will be able to solve the problems easily and achieve an extraordinary life.