Student Support

Student Caring Committee (SCC) has been providing optimum support and follow-up for students with diverse learning needs under the prevailing mechanism of whole school approach.
  1. To create an inclusive learning environment promoting positive relationship and mutual respect between or dinary students and students with diverse learning needs.
  2. To strengthen the understanding of students with special educational needs (SEN) among teachers, students and parents so as to build up a caring and harmonious atmosphere under inclusive education initiative.
  3. To develop individual educational plans (IEP) for SEN students so as to enhance their abilities of learning, communication, social interaction and self-care.
  4. To enhance the ability of teachers, students and parents to support SEN students.
  5. To build up a partner relationship between teachers and SEN parents through regular communication and encourage them to devise the learning and development plans for the students together.
  6. To provide optimum support to SEN students so that they can achieve the learning goals through flexibly re-deploying school resources and effectively promoting teaching strategies.