The CWCC Elderly Academy 2024

日期: 26/04/2024

The CWCC Elderly Academy 2024 is off to a fantastic start!

Our students embody the Caritas motto of "Love in the service of hope" as they wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of "to serve not to be served."

During a heartwarming gathering, our student ambassadors had a wonderful time engaging with the elderly community, spreading joy and creating beautiful memories together. They came together to make traditional local delicacies - Egg Waffles! The atmosphere was filled with laughter, as the intergenerational connections blossomed through the shared love for food and cultural traditions. Our students demonstrated their empathy, patience, and kindness, making the elderly feel cherished and valued. We are incredibly proud of our student ambassadors for their dedication in fostering a sense of community and for embracing the spirit of service. Their actions truly embody the values we hold dear at CWCC. A special thank you to the elderly participants for their warmth and wisdom, and to our dedicated staff for organizing such a meaningful event. Together, we are creating a brighter and more inclusive future, where generations come together in harmony.