Admission (S2 to S6)

(1) School Curriculum

Students are required to study the four core subjects and two electives of their own choice. Parents are thus cordially invited to assist the child with the selection of electives according to their interest and aptitude. The school, with the right to make the final decision, would refer to the prioritized choices and take into consideration both the student’s academic performance and the admission quota on each subject when assigning a combination of electives to a student.

(2) Registration

Admitted students are required to complete the admission procedures and pay the registration fee of HK$340 (It is equal to the sum of 2021/2022 Tong Fai.) on the same day of registration.

*Note: Approved by the Educational Bureau, no refund of the registration fee will be made for those students who wish to withdraw the application from the school.

Download application form (PDF)

Online application form (Google Form)