Mission and Vision​


Caritas' vision is to build a truly human, compassionate, forgiving, reconciling and friendly society. The essence of Caritas is an act of understanding, caring and serving. We aim at nurturing our students to be 21st Century Global Citizens promoting Global perspectives.


The motto of Caritas Hong Kong - Love in the Service of Hope-encapsulates the core of its mission, which is expressed as follows:

·         To help the underprivileged and the vulnerable,

·         To enable people to actualize their potential,

·         To promote mutual understanding and reconciliation, and

·         To establish a spirit of reciprocity to the community from which the people have benefited.

We will provide plenty of learning opportunities to students, develop students’ multiple intelligence and to nurture students to become globally-minded and life-long learners. Ultimately, all our students will be living embodiments of CWCC features: Cheerful (Cheer for opportunities), Warm (Warmhearted to serve), Collaborative (Collaborate to succeed) and Confident (Positive and Confident to face the Future).