STEAM Education


The promotion of STEAM education in our schools aims to strengthen the Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics Education to nurture diversified talents in the science and technology fields for enhancing the international competitiveness of Hong Kong. The specific objectives include:

  1. To develop among students a solid knowledge base and to enhance their interests in Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics for further studies and careers in meeting the changes and challenges in the contemporary world;
  2. To strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, and to nurture students’ creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills, as well as to foster their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as required in the 21st century;
  3. To strengthen the professional capacity of and collaboratio
Strengthening the Ability to Integrate and Apply
  1. Through integration and application of knowledge and skills of the KLAs of Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics Education, students would realise that the development of science, technology, arts and mathematics is closely related to the societal environment and that the advancement in science and technology could help improve the quality of life in the contemporary world.
  2. The experiences of integrating and applying knowledge and skills to solve authentic problems and make inventions would help the development of positive values and attitudes among students as part of whole-person development. These learning opportunities can facilitate their career explorations in STEAM fields and the nurturing of entrepreneurial spirit. This would not only enhance students’interest in STEAM areas, but also enable them to prepare for their future studies and careers in the areas and other fields requiring relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes.