Innovative Education

Students will develop future skills through theoretical studies, field trips and internship in iFuture lessons: 

(1) STEAM and Entrepreneurship

CWCC is adjacent to Cyberport, and we cooperate with different companies such as Microsoft, Apple, CUHK, CityU and Cyberport, and students are gradually becoming interested in technology. We hope that students will not only learn hard skills of technology such as coding, but also cultivate human spirit through learning entrepreneurship, including empathy, problem solving, resilience, design thinking and creativity, etc., and ultimately use technology to improve our quality of life. Students who study in higher forms will participate in the internship program and go to different companies, NGOs and community centres for internships, so as to apply what they have learned and achieve the effect of empowerment.

(2) Future Sports and Entrepreneurship

A lot of students take the sports industry as their future aspiration, and students will also learn about the future trends of the sports in the course. The sports industry in the future will become more and more diversified. New and traditional sports around the world will become more popular and globalized. With the development of technology, the sports industry will combine data analysis, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. We cooperate with different organizations, such as Kabaddi United Hong Kong, Newly Emerging Sports Association, Cyberport Esports Centre and the University of Hong Kong, etc., to learn new trends in future sports, and to achieve the effect of empowerment through internships and innovative projects.

(3) Multiculturalism, Art and Tourism

Based on different cultural backgrounds, some students are very interested in art and culture, and hope to connect with people from all over the world through art, culture and tourism. In addition to learning the theories, we will continue to cooperate with current partners such as Murray Hotel, Wedo Global and Tai Kwun to provide internship opportunities for students so that they can apply what they have learned.