The overarching aim of the Biology is to provide biology-related learning experiences that enable students to develop scientific literacy, so that they can participate actively in our rapidly changing knowledge-based society, prepare for further studies or careers in the fields related to life science, and become lifelong learners in science and technology.

Curriculum Goals

Biology is a rapidly advancing science incorporating a huge amount of information about living organisms. There is a mistaken impression that it is a subject involving memorisation of numerous unrelated facts. In this curriculum, it is hoped that students will develop a broad, general understanding of biological principles and concepts and at the same time acquire a body of essential facts. In order to make the study of biology exciting and relevant, it is suggested that it should be introduced in real life contexts. The adoption of a wide range of learning and teaching strategies and assessment practices is intended to stimulate interest in and create motivation for learning among students with a range of abilities and aspirations.