Integrated Science​


The nature of science includes the belief and attitudes towards the knowledge about the natural world, the methods and processes through which scientific knowledge is acquired, and the socio-cultural and historical influences involved. The study of the nature of science could increase students’ interests, enhance their understanding of scientific knowledge, and facilitate them to make informed decisions about science-related issues in their daily life.

Curriculum Goals

The Science curriculum provides science-related learning experiences that develop students’ interest in science and to lay a foundation for their studies of various science curricula at the senior secondary level. It also focuses on the development of scientific literacy for living in and contributing towards a scientific and technological world. Besides, the importance of scientific knowledge towards scientific and technological developments and their implications to society and the environment is also highlighted in the curriculum to cover the strand of Science, Technology, Society and Environment. It also provides contexts for enhancing students’ awareness of the relationship of science with other STEM-related disciplines.