Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies aims to broaden students‘ knowledge base and enhance their social awareness through the study of a wide range of issues. The modules selected for the curriculum focus on themes of significance to students, society and the world,designed to enable students to make connections across different fields of knowledge and to broaden their horizons. The learning experiences provided will foster students‘ capacity for life-long learning,so that they can face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Curriculum Goals

  • Develop the capacity to construct knowledge through enquiring into contemporary issues which affect themselves, their society, their nation, the human world and the physical environment, so that they:
                1.  Understand the personal development process and interpersonal relationships of adolescents with respect to the different challenges and opportunities they face;
                2.  evaluate different aspects of life in Hong Kong with respect to the rights and responsibilities of individuals, social groups and the government;
                3.  Assess the impact of reform and opening-up on the development of modern China and Chinese culture;
                4.  Recognise that globalization has many dimensions and that people are affected in different ways and have different responses towards it;
                5.  Realise how people understand issues on public health and make decisions based on related scientific knowledge and evidence;vi.analyse how science and technology interact with the environment in relation to energy resources and sustainable development;
  • Understand the interconnectedness of personal, local, national and global issues, and the interdependence of the physical environment and society, and appraise issues of human concern accordingly;
  • Reflect on the development of their own multiple identities, value systems and worldviews with respect to personal experiences, social and cultural contexts and the impact of developments in science, technology and globalization;
  • Identify the values underlying different views and judgments on personal and social issues, and apply critical thinking skills, creativity and different perspectives in making decisions and judgments on issues and problems at both personal and social levels
  • present arguments clearly and demonstrate respect for evidence, open-mindedness and tolerance towards the views and values held by other people;
  • develop skills related to enquiry learning, including self-management skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, information processing skills and skills in using information and communication technology(ICT);
  • carry out self-directed learning which includes the processes of setting goals, making and implementing plans, solving problems, analysing data, drawing conclusions, reporting findings and conducting evaluations; and
  • demonstrate an appreciation for the values of their own and other cultures,and for universal values,and be committed to becoming responsible and conscientious citizens.