Ethics and Religious Studies


  • Help students develop a positive philosophy and healthy spirit based on the preaching of Christian belief and traditional Chinese culture;
  • Let students understand the importance of individual morality to social development;
  • Enhance students’ ability to reflect on their individual beliefs, values and experiences. Through exploring religious education, students can improve themselves and serve the community;
  • Deepen the five core values of Catholic education.

Curriculum Goals

  • With Christ as the foundation of the whole education, present the Gospel and Jesus love to students so as to generate human attitudes and help them cultivate wisdom and virtues, pursue the truth, persons of compassion, and persons with civic responsibility;
  • Guide students to be proactive,critical and moral with a discerning mind;
  • Stress the cultivation of spirituality through mindfulness: students learn how to be quiet and know more about themselves, they can appreciate the joy and peace of life;
  • Enhance a harmonized multi-cultural learning campus.