Physical Education


  • Developing students’ competence to participate in a broad range of physical activities;
  • Nurturing students’ positive values and attitudes and an interest to lead an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their lifetime;
  • Motivating students to engage regularly in physical activities according to the recommendation of the World Health Organisation (i.e. accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activities daily);
  • Taking account of the changing contexts in society and the world by incorporating various Major Renewed Emphases (MRE) of the ongoing renewal of the PE curriculum, for cultivating students’ capabilities for life-wide and lifelong learning.

Curriculum Goals

  • To provide safe environment for learning and teaching;
  • To have a high physical activity level and maintain sufficient active learning time in lessons;
  • To provide a wide range of activities to cater for learner diversity;
  • To have fun and enjoyable experience while taking part in physical activities;
  • To arrange various activities to facilitate students to apply the skills and knowledge in PE;
  • To enhance students’ learning effectiveness, teachers should keep abreast of the latest development of PE and sports; and
  • To adopt a life-wide learning approach and encourage students to participate in cocurricular physical activities.